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A frequently asked question is 'Which index figure do I need?'. We are happy to provide you with the best and most economically advantageous solution for your financial construction issue. We put your information needs first and offer you a tailor-made solution. You will receive the index numbers that match your project from us. With this solution you save 5% to 25%.

Our indices have a multitude of applications. Some examples of this are settling wage and price increases during the construction process, negotiating wages and prices, indexing rebuilding values and gaining insight into the procurement market. On this page you will find general information about our indices. Do you want to know which indices you need for your project? Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

Wage and price changes

The BDB indices provide insight into the cost developments of wages, materials and equipment. We distinguish between structural and cyclical developments. Structural cost developments include price developments of production costs with unchanged demand. In other words, this is cost development. Cyclical cost developments include price developments that arise from supply and demand on the procurement market. This reflects market forces. Cyclical developments revolve around structural developments.

The best and most economically advantageous solution for your financial construction issue requires a fully covering and broadly structured database. From our source of information we can offer you every tailor-made solution. We have construction (cost) data for:

  • All sectors - residential, utility, civil construction and installations
  • All markets - government, education, health care, etc.
  • All project types - new construction, renovation, repair and renovation and maintenance
  • All phases - plan, realization, operation and redefinition
  • All projects - generic or project specific
  • All abstraction levels - from object to specific wages or material
  • All moments - past (from 1914), present and future
  • All data types - absolute and relative

You can use our generic indices for a large part of the issues. These generic indices are based on reference objects for the project types new construction and maintenance. If your project is largely in line with the principles used for the monitored references, these generic indices meet your research question. At the moment we have the following references in our range:

Residential construction Non-residential construction Infrastructure construction

Single family homes

Flat building - Staircase access

Flat building - Gallery access

Office buildings

Industrial buildings

School buildings

Care buildings

Site preparation

Civil engineering works construction

Roads construction

Railroads construction

If your project is very different from our reference objects, a project-specific solution is recommended. These solutions are fully attuned to the principles of the project. As a result, these indexes meet the size and composition of the project and the associated specific components (wages, materials and equipment) and you get an optimal picture of the price increases and decreases within your project.

Building Decree changes etc.

The changes as a result of legislation and regulations, social or sector-related developments can increase costs and / or reduce costs. We will map out these cost developments separately for you and as a result should be included separately on top of the "regular" indices.

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