The changes as a result of legislation and regulations, social or sector-related developments can increase costs and / or reduce costs. We will map out these cost developments separately for you and as a result should be included separately on top of the "regular" indices.

BDB Indices

For the indices you can opt for a one-off purchase or a continuous purchase via a subscription. The best solution for you depends on your information needs and your application. If you opt for a one-off purchase, you will receive the required indices once. This option is usually common with one question per year. With a subscription, you will receive the updated figures every month or quarter (depending on the type of indices) for one year. If you want to use the BDB index numbers more often during the year, this form is a very attractive solution.

The BDB indices provide insight into the cost developments of wages, materials and equipment. We make a distinction here between the price development without market forces (structural figures) and the market forces (economic figures). Cyclical developments revolve around structural developments.

  • BDB Monthly Figures: structural indices for historical cost price development
  • BDB Forecast Figures: structural indices for the expected future cost price development
  • BDB Market indicator: cyclical indices for historical Market forces
  • BDB Trends: cyclical indices for expected future Market functioning

The historical figures are made available from January 2003 (BDB Monthly Figures) and Q1 2003 (BDB Market Indicator). You can take out a subscription for the continuous purchase of BDB indices. We offer four types of subscriptions:

Package 1: structural cost development from past till present €643
Package 2: structurel cost development  of past, present, and future (12 months ahead) €1,070
Package 3: structural and cyclical cost development from past till present €1,131
Package 4: structural and cyclical cost development of past, present, and future (2 years ahead) €2,113





The rates shown are the prices for an annual subscription for 2023 excluding VAT. All packages include access to BDB Aspect ratios / Unit rates.

BDB Aspect ratios / Unit rates

Project information is collected and made available anonymously by BDB as form factors and cost indicators. With access via the BDB Information System, you can consult the form factors and cost indicators at various levels. The historical project data is automatically indexed monthly to the current price level.

In addition, it is possible to use a company-specific part, with which you can build your own project database. You can have your own projects analyzed by BDB and included in the database. You can then benchmark against the most important form factors and cost indicators. These cost indicators are automatically indexed monthly to the current price level. It goes without saying that these project analyzes are confidential and only visible and accessible within your own account. The data will be used anonymously for the preparation of non-project-specific form factors and cost indicators.

BDB Risk Indication Model

With the BDB Risk Indication Model, you gain insight into wage and price changes at the work type level to support your purchasing process and / or to estimate the financial project risks. A demo version of the model can be requested free of charge and is provided with indices of a few reference moments. We can also fill in the model for you, adapted to your question.

BDB Custom Solutions

In addition to our generic products, we also offer the possibility to tailor the products for you. You can think of a project-specific indexation or managing and updating your key figures, library or price book.

Contact us for a solution to your question.

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